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Content Provider

What is this program's purpose?

Launch BNB (LBNB) is a program developed and managed by P30 with a mission to break the barriers of inequality. This program will be the engine and incubator needed for entrepreneurs and small business owners on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis. We intend to create an ecosystem composed of business experts deeply committed to the success of program participants, complete with resources that are readily available and accessible. There will be ongoing educational and networking opportunities to further grow the businesses launched out of the program.

P30's vision through the program is to help take one's commitment to starting a business from idea to reality, accelerate growth, and provide equity by creating community wealth on the Far Eastside through the launch of 300 businesses that create 3,000 jobs and produce $30 million of wealth over the next 10 years.

What does this mean for me?

You as the expert will provide free valuable content that spans the entrepreneurial life cycle. Topics important to business formation, growth, maintenance, and progression will be available to program participants in the LBNB program. Content for the 6 core classes will be delivered in person but additional workshops can be either in-person or virtual.

Benefits for Content Providers:
Your business will be promoted on P30 website via Resource Directory.
Content Providers will receive free credit hours to meeting spaces at P30.


  • Must have verifiable existing materials and content.

  • Must have a focus of entrepreneurial development.

  • Must have ample years of experience in content being presented.

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