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Real Estate Boot Camp (REBC) exists to close the information and experience gap and provide tools for local real estate developers to buy, develop and sell real estate, while simultaneously providing quality, affordable housing and the prospect of home ownership to those who need it most. REBC takes this education to the next level by partnering students with experienced, successful real estate developers who actively engage in one-on-one mentorship. The goal of REBC is two-fold: 1) to develop students into profitable real estate developers who actively change their neighborhoods for the better and use profits to invest in future properties and 2) provide new, quality-built, affordable housing to community members who may have never gained the opportunity to possess generational wealth in the form of real estate. REBC sees these dual purposes as key to providing dignity and purpose to local community members who have the real opportunity to better their lives and community.

REBC is a 12-18 month commitment. Initially the group meets once a month; meeting more frequently in the second half of the class when real estate is purchased and developed. Our current class is full. Fill in the form below to be added to the list for consideration in the next class.

REBC was developed to serve historically marginalized students - racial minorities, immigrants and women.

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