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to disrupt inequality, ignite hope, & launch prosperity.


When a local entrepreneur purchased the large factory at the corner of Post and 30th St., initially the intention was to launch a modular home factory, Volumod, with the hope of providing attainable housing to Hoosiers and providing employment opportunities to community residents of the Far Eastside. While planning the design of the facility, there was a surplus of extra square footage and unused space, and he began to consider ways that the extra space could be used to benefit the community. Through mutual business acquaintances, he met several influential business and community leaders, and began learning about the history of the Far Eastside, the impact on its residents, and even began to learn more of the current status of the surrounding neighborhoods.


Through various meetings and hard conversations, community leaders shared the current reality; scarce resources, abandonment, neglect, and a lack of viable economical opportunities left gaping holes in what once was a thriving neighborhood on the Far Eastside. The residents, mostly Black and Brown people, over generations, lost hope knowing the access to livable wages and opportunity for growth and improvement was no longer available. The hard truth and realization of a misunderstood and forgotten community continually developed into widespread despair and frustration. 


Now seeing the impact of outsourcing, lost opportunity, violence, and crime, the team began dreaming of what the 30,000+ sq. ft. of usable space might become. We met and asked ministry and community leaders, organizations, and local residents for ideas of what would create the greatest change and impact. One rose to the top: opportunity for business, education and community-building. The faith and tenacity of the community leaders and residents let us know that all they needed was an opportunity to prosper and the necessary resources to guide them through the process. The extra space could and would be developed as an Entrepreneurial Incubator and Community HUB for those who had the passion for business ownership, a place for networking, a safe haven for youth, and most importantly, a place centered on human-design where the diversity of people and talents would be celebrated, cultivated, and enriched. 


Launched in May of 2022, P30 is a coworking and office space, event space, and community center, representing a collective of many businesses and nonprofits who serve the people of our area. Hope is being restored one life at a time as opportunity, prosperity, and loving encouragement is given and received. We hope to continue to grow the belief city-wide that the Far Eastside is no longer an area ridden with violence and crime but a community of people dedicated to growth, change, and hope. We are committed to offering the highest level of excellence and achievement for any and every person who walks through P30's doors, exuding the essence of what our Leadership and Board strives for everyday. 


We started in

From the date of our grand opening in October of 2022, our vision has been casted for a 10 year period. In our first ten years, we would like to help launch 300 businesses, create 3000 employment opportunities, and generate $30 million worth of wealth for the Far Eastside of Indianapolis.












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The ability to create social impact for the people of this community is what brought us here. We are dedicated and committed to bettering the Far Eastside through business and entrepreneurship, education and opportunity, resources and expertise, and the belief that together we can make a difference. For far too long the reputation of the Far Eastside has been tainted. We know what this community has been known for, but we are committed to walking alongside community leaders and residents to bring this area the resources it needs to become what it deserves to be. 

Far Eastside, what numbers don't
show is your heart. 

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